By explaining the forces that have shaped a place over time, we can help you engage stakeholders and guide dialogue about future change. Starting engagement early can produce site champions that open up new opportunities for partnership. Crafting site narratives can also lead to more nuanced problem-solving through planning and design, including creative programming and placemaking. These approaches in turn enable project marketing to be a meaningful and authentic storytelling process. We can: 

  • Provide rigorous site research

  • Outline key events and key themes to educate and inspire project team members

  • Engage stakeholders in participatory development of project narratives via site tours, websites, presentations, film, social media, curated events and workshops

  • Paint a picture of site change trajectory to inform discussions on community benefits, permitting, zoning changes and other regulatory decisions

  • Work with other consultant team members to ensure project narratives inform the basis of project marketing materials and market engagement strategies

  • Capture real time input of stakeholders, such that they see their contributions to the shaping of program and design solutions, as well as their role in the unfolding story of a place