Zapalac Advisors provides strategic + master planning services for place regeneration initiatives.  We work closely with clients to enhance the quality of the built environment, foster place-based innovation, and increase community resiliency.

What we do:  We provide value added services to the real estate sector, to cultural and educational organizations, to cities, and to other clients.  

How we do it:  We work collaboratively to help clients gain an acute understanding of the potential value and capacity of their resources. We integrate rigorous multiscale, place-based research and data analysis to inform problem-solving and to advance authentic placemaking.

Why we do it:  Our goal is to help create communities that thrive, whether the project is an institution, a mixed-use development or an entire city.

Place-based Research

We use new information technology to analyze the forces shaping places in real time and to help you understand quality of place. We ensure you understand a place from the roots up.



We work with clients and project collaborators to undertake comprehensive site analysis and develop building & site utilization programs that generate new value.      

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Storyline Development

By identifying and telling the stories of place, we can help you unlock latent potential and placemaking opportunities while building enthusiasm for site transformation.

Storyline Development