While economic figures such Marshall, Schumpeter and others have contributed important ideas about the role of entrepreneurs in the economy, only in the past twenty years have the tools existed to explore these in spatial terms and in discrete settings.  Combining both quantitative and qualitative research approaches, we help clients understand the conditions that foster and sustain entrepreneurial activity and place-based innovation over time -- not just in the tech industry, but also within legacy industries and at the crossroads of sectors.  We can:       

assachusetts:  Mapping entrepreneurs at the regional scale

Global, National and Regional Scales

  • Assess regional industrial change, as well as broad trends in the location choice tendencies of companies
  • Interpret the emergence and dispersion pattern of startups, venture capital firms, and other key actors
  • Identify of location typologies and evaluation of their impact on the demand for other types of workspace

Urban Scale

  • Document quality of place, as seen from the wide variety of users of urban environments, and identification of opportunities to enhance it through strategic interventions

  • Evaluate location performance, based on multi-scale analysis

  • Analysize the relationship between building-age diversity of a district and new economic development potential

Neighborhood, Building, and Workplace Scales

  • Provide insight on particular building types / eras of construction and suitably for adaptive use  

  • Assess demand for different workspace products and services

  • Develop creative programmatic concepts